In 1873 the city of St. Joseph was rebuilding following the aftermath of the Civil War.  During this time locally the James Brothers were riding through the country side with the Younger gang and nationally Susan B. Anthony was put on trial and fined $100 for voting in the 1872 presidential election.  This was the same year that a women’s bible study was formed in St. Joseph comprised of members of various Protestant churches in the area.  Eager to put their faith into action the group began to provide assistance to the unfortunate in the area.  Thus, the Ladies Union Benevolent Association, “L.U.B.A.,” was formed.

By 1874 L.U.B.A., through the soliciting and contributions made through tea sales, rented a small frame house which they named the “Home of the Friendless” to house the less fortunate.  That very first day they took in a woman and her two children, caring for sixteen people by months end.  However, the homes first few years proved to be difficult by the constant pressure by those within their neighborhood, urging the home to relocate.  It was not until 1880 that L.U.B.A. established its first permanent residents on the corner of Main and Poulin with the financial support of local business men.

Over the next 20 years the home grew and grew.  Seeing the overwhelming need to separate the ever increasing number of children cared for by L.U.B.A., a local shoe manufacturer and his wife, Charles and Serepta Noyes, purchased and built a separate facility to house the children.  So in 1874, the “Home for the Friendless” split into the “Home for Little Wanderers,” which would later become recognized as “The Noyes Home for Children” in honor of Charles and his wife, and “Memorial Home for the Aged.”

For over 100 years the “Memorial Home for the Aged” operated and cared for the elderly on the corner of Main and Poulin. However, in 1995 L.U.B.A. decided to relocate their residents into a newer, more modern home by building their current facility at 101 Far West Drive.  Now located in a serene corner of St. Joseph, “Meadowview Senior Community’s”   16-room facility provides the highest quality care to our residents, constantly upholding the original mission statement to enrich the life’s of those in need.