Meadowview Senior Community is a licensed level II residential care facility which provides 24-hour care with supervision of diets, assistance in personal care, distribution or administration of medications, and 24 hour protective oversight.  Our facility employs a dedicated and experienced staff consisting of a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, a licensed nurse (onsite/24 hour on-call), CMT’s, CMA’s, housekeeper and cooks working together to provide compassionate services designed to support quality of life and independence at any age.

A potential resident of Meadowview Senior Community must meet certain requirements prior to admission.


Primary Physicians

  • Each resident must be under the medical supervision of a physician and must have a physical examination conducted by their personal physician within 10 days of admission.

Residents are required to be able to make a path to safety with minimal assistance

  • A resident needing minimal assistance is one who is able to prepare to leave and then evacuate the facility within 5 minutes of being alerted and requires no more than 1 physical intervention and no more than 3 verbalinterventions by staff to complete evacuation from the facility.

Continence Level

  • Potential residents must be continent of bowel.  Occasional accidents would not be a reason for discharge or ineligibility for admission.
  • Bladder incontinence is allowed as long as theresident can maintain cleanliness and dispose of soiled incontinence products independently.

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Cognitive Level

  • Residents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia may be considered for admissionif the illness does notaffect their ability to negotiate a pathway to safety unassisted or their continence level.
  • Dementia training is provided to staff at time of employment and on a regular basis thereafter.

Upon referral or by request, the facility nurse will conduct a “Preadmission Assessment” on all potential residents to ensure requirements are met and to assist the resident and family with care planning that meets the individual needs of the senior.

Meadowview Senior Community does not provide skilled nursing or chemical or physical restraints.  Our facility does not house residents who exhibit likelihood of harm potential to themselves or others.